Useful Facebook Groups for Ontario Outdoor Adventures

Are you planning to visit Ontario’s stunning provincial parks and looking for insider tips and advice? Well, you’re in luck! Many Facebook groups are dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts make the most of their camping and visiting experiences in the province. Individuals passionate about exploring Ontario’s natural beauty come together in these groups to share valuable insights, recommendations, and firsthand experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a newbie eager to discover the great outdoors, these groups offer a welcoming community of fellow nature lovers who are always ready to offer friendly advice and helpful suggestions. Joining these Facebook groups can be your ticket to an unforgettable adventure in Ontario’s provincial parks!

We’ve listed as many Facebook groups and pages covering outdoor adventures that we hope will be interesting for anyone in or visiting Ontario. We’ve included groups and pages that cover hiking, camping, paddling, cycling, backcountry, and wildlife.

Many of the Ontario Provincial parks have their own Facebook pages or groups. You can find links to these groups and pages by visiting the individual park posts on this website.

Just an FYI, groups and pages run by the individual parks vary tremendously as they depend on the work of each park’s staff. You might find more information in the Facebook links shown below.

IMPORTANT: We’ve noticed that some groups are full of scams and unrelated content. Where we see this happening, we’ll update the description. We cannot monitor every Facebook group or page, so if you see a problem with any group, please let us know. Thanks.


Provincial Parks in Ontario – private group

Wild Ontario – a private group



Ontario Provincial Park Camping (unofficial) – private group.

The Ontario Back Country Campers – private group.

Cancellations for All Ontario Campgrounds! – private group

Seniors Camping – a private group that is very active. It seems to be mainly based in North America.

Hot tent winter camping – a very focused group for everyone who’s crazy enough to want to camp during the winter. “This group is set up for use hot tent camping and reviewing hot tent equipment like, hot tents, stoves, cooking equipment.” If you fail to keep to this you will be removed from the ground no question asked.”


Ontario Hiking Group

The Bruce Trail Conservancy

Buy & Sell Groups

When buying or selling equipment online please practice safety. You might find this information provided by Consumer Protection BC useful.

Ontario Camping Gear Buy Sell or Trade – private group.

Wildlife & Nature

Ontario Birds – a private group with over 30,000 members. Lots of useful and helpful information. Plenty of great photos and post your own to get help with identification.

Invading Species Awareness Program – page providing excellent educational information & awareness of aquatic & terrestrial invading species.

Bears ‘N’ Wolves R Us – a page that aims to “To highlight the state of the world for Bears and Wolves whether wild or captive, and other creature”

Learning about Ontario birds

Nature in the City – Toronto

Bear With Us Centre for Bears – Rehabilitation, Education, Sanctuary

Long Point Bird Observatory – Long Point Bird Observatory is an NGO, and is “…. a core program of Bird Studies Canada, conducts research and education on migratory birds and o”

Foraging for Wild Plants & MushroomsTAKE CARE, as eating the wrong thing can cause serious health issues.

Animals Don’t Cover Their Tracks: Animal Track Identification Help Group – useful group if you want to explore animal tracks you spot while camping or hiking. “This is the group to come to if you need help identifying an animal track. We are all trackers of various skill levels and interests. We offer help with identifying tracks and sign.”


Panfish On The Fly – “Sponsored by Panfish On The Fly. This group was originally formed to be a place for fans of the Facebook page Panfish On The Fly to share information about fly tying and fly fishing for panfish and other warm-water species. Over time it developed into something much more! Feel free to share pictures of your latest catch, fly, or fishing story. If you have a question, someone here is bound to have an answer. Some rules for posting are listed below, but the number one rule is to enjoy yourself and the camaraderie and information you will find here!”

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