Rideau Canal Locks

Ottawa Locks (1-8)

Hartwells Locks (9-10)

Hogs Back Locks (11-12)

Black Rapids Lock (13)

Long Island Locks (14-16)

Burrits Rapids Lock (17)

Lower Nicholsons Lock (18)

Upper Nicholsons Lock (19)

Clowes Lock (20)

Merrickville Locks (21-23)

Kilmarnock Lock (24)

Edmonds Lock (25)

Old Slys Locks (26-27)

Smith Falls Combined Lock (29a)

Smiths Falls Detached Lock (31)

Poonamalie Lock (32)

Lower Beveridges Lock (33)

Upper Beveridges Lock (34)

Ile Col By Island (not a lock but a place to camp between locks)

Narrows Lock (35)

Newboro Lock (36)

Chaffeys Lock (37)

Davis Lock (38)

Jones Falls Locks (39-42)

Upper Brewers Locks (43-44)

Lower Brewers Lock (45)

Kingston Mills Locks (46-49)

Kingston Lasalle Causeway (not a lock but the end of the canal before moving into Lake Ontario)

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