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First Aid & Medical

Canadian Lime Disease Foundation

Useful information about preventing Lyme, recognizing symptoms, and, if you’re unfortunate enough to contract Lyme Disease there’s helpful information on talking to your doctor about treatment. They even have a very reasonably priced “Tick Removal Kit


Ontario Parks Camping Safety

A nice overview of some simple and effective safety tips when camping. It’s worth a read even if you only plan a day trip to an Ontario Park.

Bears, Moose, Coyotes & Wolves

Knowing how to handle encounters with wildlife is a handy skill if you plan even a simple trip into rural Ontario. The good news is that with a simple, common-sense approach there’s very little need to worry. The following links to various Facebook pages/groups and websites should give you all the information you need to stay safe. Included are links to official sources, conservation organizations, outdoor groups, and others.

Be Bear Wise and prevent bear encounters – official Ontario Government website.
North American Bear Centre – this website has a lot of information including “What to do if you see a black bear
Bear With Us Centre for Bears – Rehabilitation, Education, Sanctuary – Facebook page with regular information updates and some nice bear photos.
Bears & Wolves R Us – Facebook page “to highlight the state of the world for Bears and Wolves whether wild or captive and other creatures that share the same ecological habitats. To promote the conservation and care of Bears and Wolves worldwide and the biodiversity which they are an essential part”.


Your outdoors and weather happens. Be prepared and plan ahead. The following websites and weather apps will help keep you safe but only if you use them.

Government of Canada Weather Information


Free weather app from Environment Canada that includes push notifications of severe weather.

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