Places to Launch Canoes & Kayaks – Thousand Island Parkway, Ontario

Waterfront Trail, Front of Yonge Township Kayak Launch – 1000 Island Parkway

Located East of Mallorytown Landing along the 1000 Island Parkway this is a small layby with limited parking and no facilities. With care, it’s possible to launch a kayak or canoe as long as you are reasonably mobile.

Take a trip around Cordwood Island or Chimney Island.

Co-ordinates (Google maps): 44.473800, -75.835600
Washrooms: No (closest is probably the Parks Canada Mallorytown Landing site)
Picnic tables/BBQ: No

Mallorytown Landing, Thousand Island National Park Visitor Centre

The National Park Visitor Centre is located along the 1000 Island Parkway and is easily accessed from Highway 401.

Co-ordinates (Google Maps): 44.45260, -75.86023
Boat Launch: Yes, with docks
Washrooms: Yes
BBQ/Picnic Area: Yes and play area for children
Parking: Yes $, plenty of parking for trailers
Hiking Trail: Yes
Camping: Yes, Tentiks

Jones Creek – 1000 Islands Parkway

Jones Creek is located very close to Brockville, almost at the end of the 1000 Island Parkway. It’s about 2 km east of the Jones Creek Park part of the Thousand Islands National Park

Like so much of the shoreline, it can be difficult to access because of the private cottages that have been developed all along the St Lawrence River. The one possibility is to launch your kayak or canoe next to the Parkway bridge over the creek. The west side is a little steeper than the east side but has less weed build-up at the end of the year.

If you do launch here you’ll be rewarded with a fun paddle up the creek or out into the St Lawrence River.

Co-ordinates (Google maps): 44.50331, -75.80617

Boat Launch: No

Washrooms: No

BBQ/Picnic area: No

Parking: Limited

Hiking Trail: 2 km west – Jones Creek Park

Camping: No

Poole Island Layby – 1000 Island Parkway

Had a real problem deciding a name for this location. It’s a layby 4.3km west of the Thousand Island Visitor Centre, Mallorytown Landing. No dedicated launch but it should be reasonably easy to launch a kayak or canoe from several points along the shoreline.

There are three islands to paddle around – Chichester, Poole and Jeroy.

Co-ordinates: 44.421871, -75.891732

Boat Launch: No

Washrooms: No

BBQ/Picnic area: No, but plenty of room to sit

Parking: Yes, gravel surface

Hiking Trails: No

Camping: No

Landon Bay Kayak Dock, 1000 Islands Parkway

Located a short distance east of Landons Bay Park there is a dedicated kayak/canoe launch dock with direct access to the waters of Landons Bay. If the mood takes you you can access the St Lawrence River under the bridge that carries the Thousand Island Parkway.

Parking is a little tricky. There is a multi-use cycle/walking path that tracks alongside the Parkway and it is very busy. It is possible to drive onto the pathway east of the bridge and parking is possible on a gravel surface next to the path. We have seen many vehicles parked there without problem but I have no definitive information on whether this is considered OK. Just be very careful around other users.

Co-ordinates (Google maps): 44.351180, -76.06600
Boat launch: Dedicate kayak/canoe dock
Washrooms: Closest is the Landon Bay Park (seasonal)
Parking: Possibly, see the note above.
BBQ/Picnic area: no
Hiking Trails: No

Halsteads Bay, 1000 Island Parkway

The Halsteads Bay layby is directly opposite the entrance to Landon bay part of the 1000 Island National Park. There’s plenty of free parking and facilities can be accessed across the road in Landon Bay park.

Access to the water is at the west end of the parking area down a short track. It can get busy in the summer months as this is a favourite spot to picnic next to the St Lawrence River.

This is a great place to start exploring the St Lawrence River and the 100 Islands. There’s a nice paddle east with access under the Parkway into Landon Bay.

Co-ordinates (Google Maps):44.35264, -76.07683

Boat Launch: No, but relatively easy to launch canoes and kayaks from the shore.

Washrooms: Yes, across the road in Landon Bay park

BBQ/Picnic area: Yes, but more facilities across the road in Landon Bay park

Parking: Free

Hiking Trail: Yes, across the road in Landon Bay park

Camping: Yes, across the road in Landon Bay park

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