Petroglyphs Provincial Park

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Phone #: 705-877-2552
Main entrance co-ordinates:
Address: 2249 Northey’s Bay Rd. Woodview K0L 3E0
Opening seasons: May 10 to October 14, 2024

Travel, Directions & Distances

Directions: Brighton to Petroglyphs Provincial Park via County Rd 30


Camping & Accommodation

Petroglyphs is a day-use-only park. There are no overnight camping facilities. If you are interested in camping nearby, try Lake St. Peter or Silent Lake Provincial Parks.

Discovery Program

The Natural Heritage Education team presents an array of evening programs during July and August, promising engaging experiences for visitors. Each session commences with the screening of the acclaimed film “The Teaching Rocks” at the Visitor Centre theatre, setting the stage for an enlightening journey. Participants are then guided to the revered Petroglyphs Site, where they can immerse themselves in the captivating narratives shared by park guides, echoing Indigenous heritage and shedding light on the profound reasons behind the ancient carvings.

For public and school groups alike, guided tours are available throughout the operational season. Group leaders are afforded flexibility in planning their itinerary, with options ranging from exploring hiking trails and picnic areas to arranging a viewing of “The Teaching Rocks” before embarking on the Petroglyphs tour. Alternatively, groups pressed for time may opt to skip the film and proceed directly to the Petroglyphs tour. Depending on staff availability, a supplementary guided walk-through may be offered at the Visitor Centre in addition to the main Petroglyphs excursion.

While there are presently no fees for group programs, all necessary school bus and/or daily vehicle permits must be obtained for park entry. It is advised that group programs be booked at least one week in advance, preferably earlier, to secure a tour slot. Larger groups exceeding 30 members may undergo split tours to ensure an enjoyable experience for all participants and other park visitors. Group leaders are reminded to foster an atmosphere of respect and appreciation among their members, acknowledging the spiritual significance of the Petroglyphs site.

Hiking, Biking & Paddling


Marsh Trail – 7 km (2.5 hours) moderate
This trail winds its way through dense pine forest and marshy terrain before gradually climbing, with certain stretches being quite steep, to elevated terrain.

Nanabush Trail 5.5 km (1.5 hours) easy
The journey winds through a variety of terrains, ranging from soggy marshlands to jagged rocky formations.

West Day Use Trail 5 km (1.5 hours) moderate
This narrow trail winds its way through vast pine forests, weaving between clusters of oak and birch trees. Above it stretches a bridge that spans an ancient streambed, carved millennia in the past.


there aren’t any biking trails around the park


there is no paddling at this park

Maps & Resources

Ontario Crown Land Use Policy Atlas: Most provincial Parks have excellent signage, maps, and marked trails. If you take up back-country adventures, then it’s not always clear. The Ontario Crown Land Use maps are an excellent resource. You might also want to join one or more of these groups on Facebook.
Crown Land Camping Group
Crown Land Camping Ontario
Ontario Parks and Crown Land
Ontario Crown Land Campers
Sharing Ontario Crown Land Camping Spots

Local Facilities

Barrier Free

Pathways from the parking lots to the Learning Place and petroglyph site are accessible without barriers. There is a designated parking lot closer to both the petroglyph site and Learning Place, specifically for senior citizens and individuals who may have difficulty walking long distances.

Upon request, one wheelchair is provided at the Learning Place, and another is stationed at the Petroglyph Site for visitor convenience.

Visitors with baby strollers can navigate easily along the paths leading to the Visitor Centre and petroglyph site. However, the hiking trails are deemed too rugged for strollers.

Day Use

Throughout the park, picnic tables are conveniently placed for your enjoyment. Whether you choose to picnic at the east or west side of McGinnis Lake or opt for the serene setting near the Learning Place, you’re sure to find a spot to relax. Vault toilets are readily available at each of the day use areas by McGinnis Lake and by the main parking lot.

To protect the unique meromictic nature of McGinnis Lake and its scientifically significant sediment record, swimming and other water-based activities are not permitted within the park boundaries. However, visitors seeking aquatic recreation can head to ‘Quarry Bay’ municipal beach on Stoney Lake, located 1.5km east of the Petroglyphs Provincial Park entrance.

To ensure your spot for day use, you can obtain your daily vehicle permit up to five days in advance. For more information, visit the Ontario Parks day use page.

Flush Toilets

Flush toilets are available at the visitor centre.

Park Store

Visit The Park Store, nestled within the visitor center, where you can discover an array of souvenirs and refreshments. Explore our collection of nature books catering to both children and adults, alongside captivating reads on rock art and Indigenous culture. Unwind by the cozy stone fireplace as you savor a cup of coffee, tea, or cider paired with a delightful snack.

Picnic Shelters

The McGinnis Lake East day-use area features a sheltered picnic spot.

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