Ontario Wildlife Guides, Organisations, Links & Resouces

In this post, we aim to provide information and links to a wide a range of relevant natural history resources relating to wildlife you might encounter when hiking, biking and paddling in Ontario.

If you know of anything that is missing and might be useful we would love to here from you.

Natural History Organisations

Species at Risk – COSEWIC

Ontario Conservation Authorities

Birds, Birding, Ornithology and Twitchers

All About Birds plenty of information about bird identification, live cams, and courses designed to make you a better birder.

Ontario Trumpeter Swan Sighting Reports and Restoration – take part in a citizen science project and report sightings of Trumpeter swans. The comparison guide on All About Birds will help you distinguish Trumpeter and Tundra swans. Something that might not be easy or obvious.

The Trumpeter Swan Society

Bird Studies Canada – here there’s another chance for citizen scientists, to join their bird feeder survey.

Minnesota Conservation Volunteers – OK, so I know this isn’t Ontario but the link is to a great page where you can click on the image of a bird and hear their song. If anyone knows a similar page for Ontario or Canada please let us know so we can include a link.

Plants and Botanical

Tall Grass Ontario

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