Ontario Provincial Parks

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Ontario Provincial Parks – Bon Echo

If you live in or visit Ontario, Canada then taking time to explore and enjoy nature is one of life’s great experiences. Any time of year can be a spectacular experience but Fall and Winter can be quite special.

Fortunately, Ontario Parks with over 600 locations, 5 National Parks, numerous conservation areas, and a number of locally supported sites means that you are never far from somewhere to enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

On this page, you’ll find links to information on Ontario Park sites. These are split between 340 provincial Parks that have facilities and the 295 conservation reserves (non-operating) that typically don’t have obvious access points. You’re still welcome to visit these conservation areas, just tread carefully as they are more sensitive to disturbance. Also, think about safety as they don’t have full-time staff and fewer visitors.

Conservation Reserves run by Ontario Parks are different from Conservation Areas that are operated by various Ontario Conservation Authorities, although the aim of both is to protect the natural environment. We have a separate listing of Conservation Areas with details of their facilities and activities. Some are a little like mini-parks but all are worth a little of your time. They have the added bonus of often being closer to towns and cities.

Operating Parks

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