Ontario Parks That Require Day Use Vehicle Permits

Ontario Parks is continuing the Daily Vehicle Permit program through 2022 and have added a further 16 parks into the program making a grand total of 33 parks where the program will operate. We’ve listed the additional parks below.

Parks with an * also offer an hourly pass.

Parks Offering Advance Daily Vehicle Permit

Balsam Lake
Bass Lake
Batchawana Bay
Blue Lake
Earl Rowe
Forks of the Credit*
Kakabeka Falls*
Kettle Lakes
Lake Superior
Long Point
McRae Point
Mono Cliffs*
North Beach
Pancake Bay
Point Farms
Rainbow Falls
Rushing River*
Samuel de Champlain
Sibbald Point
Six Mile Lake
Sleeping Giant
Turkey Point
Windy Lake


How does it work?

You can buy online or over the phone up to 5 days in advance starting at 7:00 am –

  • Online at Ontario Parks reservations.ontarioparks.com
  • By phone by calling 1-888-ONT-PARK (1-888-668-7275) – Open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Do I have to buy a day-use permit ?

No, but having turned up at Sandbanks soon after the system was put in place I can personally tell you that if the park is full you will get turned away. They do patrol parking lots to make sure you have a pass (no I didn’t get ticketed but I’ve seen others get upset). Even mid-week a lot of parks fill up fast.

But, I have an annual pass?

Surely, annual pass holders don’t need the permit? If you want to guarantee access you should get a day-use vehicle permit.

The good news is that the vehicle permit is free to annual or seasonal pass holders.

What about access at the end of the day when everyone is going home?

I emailed Ontario Parks about this one. I can see one of the Sandbank beaches from the road and by 6 pm it was almost empty. Even so, the answer was no you can’t park your vehicle and access the beach. Personally think this is a mistake that they need to sort out.

However, there are a few parks with hourly permits. They’re noted on the list above with an *.

How does it work when I get to the park?

Make sure you print a copy of the permit before leaving home. If there’s a main gate show your daily use pass/seasonal pass and the permit. Either way make sure both your pass and permit are visible when your car is parked.

Do I need a permit if I walk or bike into the park?

No, you are free to bike or walk into the park subject to having either a season/annual pass or paying the entrance fee at the gate (Ontario Parks confirmed this by email). Now all you need to do is find somewhere close to park your car.

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