Murphys Point Provincial Park

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About Murphy’s Point Provincial Park

Murphy’s Point Provincial Park is a provincial park located in the eastern part of Ontario, Canada. The park is situated on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, a region characterized by rocky hills and forests.

The park covers an area of 1,239 hectares and includes several lakes, including Big Rideau Lake, which is a popular spot for swimming, boating, and fishing. The park also features several hiking trails that take visitors through forests and along the shores of the lakes.

One of the main attractions of Murphy’s Point Provincial Park is its historical significance. The park is home to the restored Silver Queen Mine, which was once a major source of mica in the region. Visitors can take a guided tour of the mine to learn about its history and see the equipment that was used to extract the mica.

In addition to the mine, the park also features several other historic buildings, including a sawmill and a blacksmith shop. These buildings offer visitors a glimpse into life in the area during the 19th century.

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Phone #: 613-267-5060
Main entrance co-ordinates:
Address: 2243 Elmgrove Road, R.R. 5 Perth K7H 3C7
Opening seasons: December 8, 2023 to March 10, 2024 / May 10, 2024 to October 15, 2024 ( Camping )

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Travel, Directions & Distances

Nearby Parks & Conservation Areas

If the park is very busy, especially one that requires a reserved day pass, you might want to consider a nearby park or conservation area.

Silver Lake Provincial Park

Charleston Lake Provincial Park

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Day Use

Day Use Vehicle Permits: Because of this park’s popularity, permits will need to be purchased in advance to guarantee park access. This process was started in 2021 and will be kept for 2023.
If you’re smart, grab the permit before any visit, even mid-week. We found this out the hard way at our local Provincial Park.
You can buy the vehicle permit up to 5 days in advance, guaranteeing access to the park on that day. If you have an annual or season pass, you should still book your permit online, but there’s no extra charge.

Camping & Accommodation

New Camping Rules for 2023 (14-night max) – new for 2023 are revised rules about the maximum number of nights you can camp. In this park, if you are camping between July 1 and the Saturday of the Labour Day long weekend, you’ll be restricted to no more than 14-nights at this park. Outside of those dates, it’s still the old 23-night maximum. Ontario Parks promises this will be clear when booking.
Rules for backcountry camping and the roofed accommodation haven’t changed.

Murphy’s Point Provincial Park has a few different options for camping, from roofed to backcountry camping click here for more information so you can keep safe and have a lot of fun in the area.

Hiking, Biking & Paddling


Point Trail – 5.5 km loop, moderate 
Hike to the tip of the peninsula with stops at the sandy beach and good views of Big Rideau Lake along the way.

Sylvan Trail – 2.5 km loop, moderate
This trail showcases the geology and ecology of the Frontenac Arch, the southernmost extension of the Canadian Shield. A self-guided trail booklet is available at the trailhead or Park Store for $1.

Lally Homestead Trail – 800 m loop, easy
Drive to the Lally Homestead (3 km from the campground) for this short loop through abandoned farm fields (now excellent for wildflowers and bird viewing) and sugar maple forest to a lookout over Black Creek Marsh.

Silver Queen Mine Trail – 2 km partial loop, easy; Beaver Pond Trail – 1 km, easy
From the Lally Homestead, the Silver Queen Mine Trail leads to the restored, the early 1900s partially open pit mica mine, heritage displays, and the rebuilt miner’s bunkhouse. A self-guided trail booklet is available at the trailhead or Park Store for $1. Access to the mine and the bunkhouse is available during mine tours only. Refer to for event schedules. The Beaver Pond Trail provides an alternate route back to the Lally Homestead parking lot and skirts the edge of a flooded wetland.

McParlan House, Loon Lake Loop Trail, Trail to Lally Homestead, Rideau Trail – 1.8 km easy
From the Hogg Bay Campground, a 1.8 km linear trail leads to the restored McParlan House, the site of an early 1800s sawmill, farm, and later cottage. It is now a registered archaeological site and home to the Friends of Murphys Point Park’s award-winning Archaeology Apprentice program ( Bicycles are allowed on the McParlan House Trail.

Part of the McParlan House Trail is also part of the Loon Lake Loop, a 1 km trail with access to two different lakes. Further along, the McParlan House Trail becomes part of the Rideau Trail, a 300 km hiking trail from Kingston to Ottawa (6 km inside the park), which also provides a link to the Lally Homestead (2.8 km, easy, from the campground to homestead).


Bicycles are permitted on the McParlan House Trail and the gravel roadbed portion of the Silver Queen Mine Trail. Cycling is also encouraged on campground roads.


There’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy paddling or sailing at this provincial park. You can find more information on our partner website –

Maps & Resources

Ontario parks have an overview map, and also a winters trail map for Murphys point provincial park click here for more information.

Ontario Crown Land Use Policy Atlas: Most provincial Parks have excellent signage, maps, and marked trails. If you take up back-country adventures, then it’s not always clear. The Ontario Crown Land Use maps are an excellent resource. You might also want to join one or more of these groups on Facebook.
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Local Facilities

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