MacGregor Point Provincial Park

ALWAYS check Alerts and other information on the official website, as conditions and facility availability are subject to change.

New Camping Rules for 2023 (14-night max) – new for 2023 are revised rules about the maximum number of nights you can camp. In this park, if you are camping between July 1 and the Saturday of the Labour Day long weekend, you’ll be restricted to no more than 14-nights at this park. Outside of those dates, it’s still the old 23-night maximum. Ontario Parks promises this will be clear when booking.
Rules for backcountry camping and the roofed accommodation haven’t changed.

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Phone #: 519-389-9056
Main entrance coordinates: Latitude: 44.408899 Longitude: -81.446512

Address: 1593 Bruce Road 33, RR#1, Port Elgin, ON, N0H 2C5
Opening seasons: January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024

Telephone & Internet

With the increase in people being digital nomads or wanting to work from home, connecting while enjoying nature is important for many people. The good news is that we were able to get a decent signal for phone calls and basic internet services.

Travel, Directions & Distances


Nearby Parks & Conservation Areas

If the park is very busy, especially one that requires a reserved day pass, you might want to consider a nearby park or conservation area.

Brucedale Conservation Area

Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area

Inverhuron Provincial Park

Travel, Directions & Distances

Directions: Victoria / Kitchener Rail Station to MacGregor Point Provincial Park via Bruce County Rd 3


Dog Friendly

This is a dog-friendly park with an off-leash and dog-friendly beach area. You can find more information about having dogs at Ontario Parks in our “Dog-Friendly Ontario Provincial Parks” post, which includes a list of parks with specific dog-use facilities.

Camping & Accommodation

Car Camping

Huron Campground is a great spot for a family getaway! Each campsite has been designed to meet your needs, from ample space and trees that offer plenty of shade to comfortable leveling surfaces. Disabilities-friendly features are available at various locations throughout this beautiful parklet so that you can enjoy all MacGregor Point offers without limitations caused by physical impairments or mental disorders.

Reservations can be made year-round online or by phone.

MacGregor Point boasts 16 cozy yurts, each accommodating up to 6 guests comfortably. These unique accommodations come fully equipped with two sets of bunk beds, an outdoor barbecue for cooking, and a dining shelter, providing renters with added privacy if desired. While yurt guests must adhere to specific rules, such as abstaining from bringing pets or alcohol into the temporary homes, they can rest assured that all essential amenities, including electric heat sources, are provided. Whether a crisp winter night or a warm summer evening, these yurts are available year-round for guests. Due to their popularity, making reservations well in advance is advisable.

Electric Sites
You might have to pack an extra-long extension cord if you’re dealing with sizable private electrical sites to ensure reaching the electrical outlet.

Group Camping

Two camping areas are designated for group use, capable of accommodating 9 to 36 individuals. Each site is equipped with water taps and outhouses for convenience. However, transportation is necessary to access comfort stations and the beach. Of the two sites, only one offers trailer access, albeit without electrical service. Reservations can be made online or by phone.

Radio-Free Camping

The Huron Campground designates certain areas as radio-free zones.

Roofed Accommodation

MacGregor Point Provincial Park offers a variety of roofed accommodations nestled in the tranquil wilderness of Lake Huron’s shoreline. These accommodations include cozy yurts, rustic cabins, and comfortable camping cabins, providing visitors with the perfect blend of nature and comfort. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a family adventure, these roofed accommodations offer a peaceful retreat surrounded by towering trees and the soothing sounds of the lake. With modern amenities and breathtaking views, MacGregor Point Provincial Park’s roofed accommodations offer a memorable stay amidst Ontario’s natural beauty.

you can click here for more information on each roofed accommodation

Hiking, Biking & Paddling


Huron Fringe Trail 1.2 km (35 minutes) easy
The Huron Fringe Trail loops around the Visitor Centre. It features a boardwalk surface designed for accessibility, catering to those with physical challenges. Informative signs dotted along the path enlighten visitors about the diverse habitats they encounter. Strategically positioned resting areas offer ideal vantage points for observing turtles and shore birds. Please note that bicycles are prohibited on this trail.

Old Shore Road Trail 6 km (4 hours) easy
This path traces the scenic expanse of Lake Huron’s shoreline, once a vital passage for pioneers journeying between Goderich and Southampton. Today, it presents splendid vistas of the coast and sandy beaches, with convenient viewing platforms positioned along its course. Ideal for both cycling and cross-country skiing, this trail accommodates wheelchairs with ease, making much of its length accessible to all.

Lake Ridge Trail 4 km (2.5 hours) moderate
This trail presents a lengthier circular route within the park’s interior. The terrain is rugged, so it’s advisable for hikers to wear robust footwear. Named after the shoreline ridge of glacial Lake Nipissing, which occupied this area approximately 5,500 years ago, the trail offers a glimpse into the region’s ancient geological history. A brief detour leads to a boardwalk offering views of a former beaver pond and a deserted lodge. Along the way, informational storyboards narrate the tale of an old corduroy logging road, early settlement, and the surrounding forest ecosystem. Please note that bicycles are not allowed on this trail.

Tower Trail 3.5 km return (1.5 hours) easy
This scenic trail winds through a lush wetland area, offering exceptional chances for observing waterfowl and wildlife. An observation tower affords visitors a breathtaking panoramic vista of the wetland, while a bird hide allows for close-up viewing at the water level. Along the trail, informative storyboards are strategically placed to enhance understanding of the wetland ecosystem. Additionally, cyclists frequently utilize this trail, and a designated section is wheelchair accessible, stretching from the parking lot to the observation tower.

Kempfs Trail 0.8 km (20 min) easy
Kempfs Trail serves as a vital link between the main park road and the Old Shore Road Trail. Its name pays homage to one of the past landowners in this section of the park.


Several off-road trails make it easy to get around the park and to connect to trails in the area.

Deer Run Bike Trail 3.7 km (50 minutes) easy
This trail offers cyclists a secure route for traversing the park’s interior.

Old Shore Road Trail 6 km easy (linear)
This path traces the scenic Lake Huron shoreline, offering splendid vistas of the shore and beachfront. Once integral to pioneer travel, it formed a vital route connecting Goderich and Southampton. Originally a roadway, it now provides a sturdy foundation for cycling, serving as a superb connector to different sections within the park.

Tower Trail 3.5 km return
Explore The Tower Trail, winding through a lush wetland teeming with waterfowl and wildlife, offering exceptional viewing opportunities. Ascend the tower for a breathtaking panoramic vista of the wetland, or seek refuge in the bird hide for an intimate view at water level. The trail boasts a surface of compacted gravel and a boardwalk, with cyclists requested to dismount and walk their bikes on the boardwalk sections.

Kempfs Trail 0.8 km (20 min) easy (linear)

Kempfs Trail serves as a link between the main park road and the Old Shore Road Trail. Its name honors one of the previous landowners in this area of the park.

Cycling along trails is recommended over cycling on park roads, which can get very busy.



Caution should be used by anyone canoeing or kayaking along the shore of Lake Huron because water conditions can change quickly. The nearby Saugeen River provides excellent canoeing and kayaking opportunities.

Winter Activities

You’re missing out if you haven’t experienced the magic of a snow-covered MacGregor Point Provincial Park. Nestled by the shores of Lake Huron in Port Elgin, this park boasts picturesque drives and well-maintained roads, making it easily accessible.

While the ice-skating trail stands out as the crown jewel of winter activities (a hidden gem, some might say), MacGregor Point offers so much more. From skiing and snowshoeing to camping and other winter delights, there’s something for everyone to enjoy amidst the winter wonderland of MacGregor Point.

Cross-country Skiing
The Deer Run Trail, spanning 11 kilometers, caters to novice and seasoned cross-country skiers alike. This trail gracefully offers a delightful combination of track-set paths through upland hardwood forests and wetland expanses. Furthermore, several kilometers of park roads remain unplowed within the vicinity, presenting an opportunity for cross-country skiing, albeit without grooming.

Snowshoe routes can be found within Nipissing Campground and along all unpaved roads and trails not designated for skiing. Exploring the vast snowdrifts along the Old Shore Road Trail is an experience worthy of a bucket list. However, for safety precautions, please refrain from venturing onto the ice, ice formations, and snowdrifts covering Lake Huron and any ponds within the park.


Experience the enchantment of gliding through MacGregor’s ice-skating trail as you weave through the woods. This 400-meter path offers an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Under the starlit sky, the park illuminates the trail until 10:00 pm every day, adding to the magic of the experience. Additionally, outdoor hockey enthusiasts can enjoy a spacious ice pad, adding another dimension of enjoyment to this winter wonderland.

Snowmobiling is permitted on park roads only.

Maps & Resources

Ontario Crown Land Use Policy Atlas: Most provincial Parks have excellent signage, maps, and marked trails. If you take up back-country adventures, then it’s not always clear. The Ontario Crown Land Use maps are an excellent resource. You might also want to join one or more of these groups on Facebook.
Crown Land Camping Group
Crown Land Camping Ontario
Ontario Parks and Crown Land
Ontario Crown Land Campers
Sharing Ontario Crown Land Camping Spots

you can click here to get the maps for each campground and also the ones for the park overview and winter trail map

Local Facilities

Barrier Free

Barrier-free access is available at specific campsites, yurts, the Visitor Centre, showers, flush toilets, and along the 1.2 km Huron Fringe Trail, which features a boardwalk surface and encircles the Visitor Centre.

Comfort Station(s)

The comfort stations, strategically situated within each of the three campgrounds, house the shower facilities.

Day Use

North of the campgrounds, you’ll find a charming day-use picnic area alongside a beach equipped with change rooms and a comfort station. Day visitors are welcome to enjoy the Visitor Centre, trails, and playground at Camper’s Beach.

Year-round access is available for daily use, and fees are collected yearly. To secure your spot for day use, you can obtain a daily vehicle permit up to five days in advance.

For further information, visit the Ontario Parks Day use page.

Flush Toilets

Flush toilets can be found at the comfort stations situated centrally within each of the three campgrounds, as well as at the day-use area.


Laundry amenities can be found in every comfort station within both Nipissing and Algonquin Campgrounds.

Park Store

The Park Store, conveniently situated on the main park road, offers a range of essentials, including basic camping supplies, groceries, firewood, ice, ice cream, snack foods, Ontario Parks’ clothing, souvenirs, and newspapers.

Pet Exercise Area(s)

The pet exercise area is situated next to the day-use area.


You can rent bikes, and trailer storage is also available. Extension cords are available for borrowing with a refundable deposit. Given that electrical pedestals may be located at a distance from your site, longer cords may be necessary, which you can borrow for convenience.

Visitor Centre

The park is open daily from May to September, with a minimum of four hours per day. In July and August, full interpretive programming is provided. At the Visitor Centre, visitors can explore displays, access brochures, peruse a camper’s library stocked with field guides and nature lore, and visit the Huron Fringe Shop operated by the Friends of MacGregor Point Park. Additionally, naturalist-led programs, guided walks, and various children’s activities are regularly available, offering visitors valuable opportunities to engage directly with the park’s environment and learn firsthand.

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