Killarney Provincial Park

ALWAYS check Alerts and other information on the official website, as conditions and facility availability are subject to change.

New Camping Rules for 2023 (14-night max) – new for 2023 are revised rules about the maximum number of nights you can camp. In this park, if you are camping between July 1 and the Saturday of the Labour Day long weekend, you’ll be restricted to no more than 14-nights at this park. Outside of those dates, it’s still the old 23-night maximum. Ontario Parks promises this will be clear when booking.
Rules for backcountry camping and the roofed accommodation haven’t changed.

Killarney Official website
Killarney Official Facebook
Killarney Facebook Group – “For all those who love Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario Canada. (Not an official Ontario Parks page)”. This is a private group that you’ll need to ask to join.
Killarney Kanoes website – if you are planning to visit this park and want to book or reserve a canoe, this is the site to do it.
Killarney Kanoes Facebook page – up-to-date information on canoe rental and related stuff. A good place to ask questions about canoeing in the park


Phone #: 705-287-2900
Main entrance co-ordinates:
Address: 960 Highway #637, Killarney, ON, P0M 2A0
Opening seasons: January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024

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Dog Friendly

This is a dog-friendly park with a dog-friendly beach area. You can find more information about having dogs at Ontario Parks in our “Dog-Friendly Ontario Provincial Parks” post, which includes a list of parks with specific dog-use facilities.

Camping & Accommodation

You will never find a better camping experience than in Killarney Provincial Park. This place has everything you need for an amazing weekend getaway with friends or family, whether it’s hiking through nature-filled forests and across rolling hillsides of golden fields, fishing by the shores of picturesque lakeshore locations perfect just how they are–or if prefer spending time indoors exploring art galleries at one museum then another – there really is no wrong way to spend quality time here!
A great thing about visiting this area during fall gets even better because each season offers something unique: while summer brings out lush green landscapes

for more information, please click here for more information on the Ontario parks website

Hiking, Biking & Paddling


Hiking is a great way to explore the natural beauty of Ireland. Five day-use trails in Killarney Provincial Park offer an enjoyable hike for people who don’t want too much effort invested but still enjoy being outdoors and seeing what their surroundings have waiting on them next!

you can get more information on each trail by clicking here


Bicycling is a great way to enjoy nature and get some exercise. It’s also available on park roads, or you can take your bike up along Chikanishing Creek all the way into access point at Koney’s Bluff!


Killarney is a pristine wilderness area with incredible scenery that will leave you feeling enriched. The clear lakes and white hills create an unparalleled view for anyone who ventures into this part of Ireland!
A guidebook detailing 11 popular canoe routes as well as backcountry campsites can be picked up at any visitor center or park offices in order to make sure your trip leaves nothing left out on either side–from panoramic views, wildlife viewing opportunities (if they’re open) – even hiking trails galore!.

Winter Activities

Killarney Provincial Park is located about over an hour from Sudbury. and best reached by car.

Killarney is open for day use year-round for your winter activities. Remember, vehicle permits are required all year. You can get them at the parking lot (Main Office) or buy them online before leaving home. There’s parking available, so bring your snowshoes or cross-country skis and enjoy a wonderland experience.

Killarney Provincial Park is a hidden treasure trove that contains 33km of pristine trails winding through some spectacular scenery. Winter might be the best time to visit this picturesque park.

The Chikanishing Trail is a linear track that meanders along the picturesque Chikankising Creek. The snow-covered evergreen forests line this path providing beauty and peace from high winter winds.
The Collins Inlet Horseback ride takes riders on a 14+ km journey between two stunning locations: first into mature pine woods, where they may stop for photographs before continuing eastward past Freeland Lake, which offers breathtaking views across open fields and dense marshlands.

Before heading out, you can check snow conditions on the park’s official website.

This park has no equipment rental, so don’t forget your snowshoes, cross-country skis, and snacks.

the town of Killarney is the closest place to get hot drinks, snacks, and meals.

The official website has a ski trail map.

Weather Conditions – if you are looking for weather information or snow conditions, the following list should help you.
Canadian Snow Research
Dark Sky
Environment Canada – weather forecasts, hourly forecast, and weather radar map.
National Weather Service – US Government, but it does include Ontario.
Open Weather Map
Snow Forecast – more relevant for downhill skiing.
The Weather Network has lots of ads, but you get 7 and 14-day forecasts. Snow reports from downhill ski areas but remember they do make their own snow.
We’d love to hear from you if you have any other suggestions – please message us.

Here is a ski trail map for Killarney


Killarney Provincial Park is an important stop for birdwatchers, containing a wide variety of habitats that are perfect for finding forest songbirds. The park also hosts Christmas counts and Loon reports during different seasons so that you can contribute your observations too! If we spot any special events happening in the area (like raptor nesting), then our naturalists will be on hand with tips about where they should be going because, after all, everyone needs more than just some nice weather while out exploring nature 🙂

Birding Websites
There are a number of websites and Facebook groups that offer helpful resources for birdwatchers in Ontario. Check out these sites to find information about what you’re looking for!

Ontario Rare Bird Alert – for the serious twitcher, sign up for alerts.
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology – is quite possibly the number one resource for North America.

Maps & Resources

An overview map of Killarney Provincial Park is available on the official website.

Local Facilities

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