Guide to Environmental Citizen Science Apps and Websites

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iNaturalist App and website: the App is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. There’s a wealth of information available through the App and website so start exploring. The iNaturalist website links you to a whole bunch of projects based in Ontario. We’ve listed a few below.

Herps of Ontario join people helping create an atlas of reptiles and amphibians in Ontario. More information is available on the Ontario Nature website. If you find an injured reptile or amphibian, please call the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre at 705-741-5000.

EDDMapS Ontario

This is your opportunity to report invasive species and help maintain Ontario’s ecology. Download the App from Google Play or the Apple App Store and you can start to report suspected intruders. Just snap a picture of the suspect and upload the image in the App. Just be aware that if you are concerned about privacy your phone’s GPS will tag the location.


LeafSnap is a great resource to identify many of the 130+ common tree species found in Ontario. Another free App is available on the Apple App Store (a version for Android is promised)


eBird is another App available for Android and iPhone with possibly the biggest database of worldwide birds If you want to join in and help with Ontario birding projects this is the App you’ll need.

Journey North

Do you enjoy the annual Monarch butterfly display? Now you can join the crowdsourced project that monitors their migration and maybe help protect the Monarch’s future. You can find more information on the Journey North website. There’s an App available for Apple and Android phones, both free.

Bumble Bee Watch

Many people don’t understand the importance of bees, including the North American bumblebee, especially their value in pollinating and the production of much of the food we eat. Unlike the other citizen science options this is not an App. Instead, take a photo, upload it to the bumblebee watch website and your sighting will be verified by an expert. Not only will you help track bumblebee numbers but you’ll quickly learn to identify them. You will need to create an account to record sightings.

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