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Phone #: 613-376-3489
Main entrance co-ordinates:
Address: 6700 Salmon Lake Rd Sydenham K0H 2T0
Opening seasons: January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024

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Winter Activities

As an all-year-round park, there are many opportunities to snowshoe, X-country ski, hike, and even camp. There’s an official Frontenac Provincial Park Winter Trail guide on the official website.


Snowshoes are available to rent from the park office. But, it’s always best to call ahead to check opening times and make sure that snowshoes are available.

With a network of over 100 km of hiking trails year-round, this is possibly the destination for most people in Ontario to enjoy snowshoeing. Even though Frontenac is renowned for its backcountry appeal there’s plenty of opportunity for beginners, as well as 20 km+ routes for the experienced snowshoeing explorer.
There’s a dedicated 8 km Corridor Trail for snowshoeing. Many visitors enjoy the moderate 3 km Doe Lake Loop and easy 1.5 km Arab Lake Gorge Loop. For a longer adventure, try the 8 km Bufflehead Trail, located 2 km from the Park Office.

Camping & Accomodation

this park is a backcountry camping one but does also have walk-in camping available click here for more information

Hiking, Biking & Paddling


Frontenac offers over 100 km of hiking and backpacking trails in interconnected loops.

Arab Lake Gorge Trail – 1.5 km loop, 30 min walk, easy
Starting at the Park Office, this trail features valley bottom vegetation, various ferns and a boardwalk with an accompanying interpretive brochure.

Doe Lake Loop – 3 km loop, 1 to 1.5 hour walk, easy to moderate
Hike along the shores of South Otter Lake and Doe Lake with a lookout over Doe Lake. An interpretive brochure is available. The trail starts at the Park Office.

Arkon Lake Loop – 11 km loop trail, 3 to 4.5 hours, moderate
This trail will lead you through a mature deciduous forest where you will see many beaver ponds and a ring bog complex along the way.

Bufflehead Trail – 8 km loop, 2.5 hours, moderate.
This walk is popular for its beaver ponds and scenic ridge. It bisects the Arkon Lake Loop and starts at the Arab Lake parking lot.

Cedar Lake Loop – 14 km loop, 4 to 6 hours, Moderate to difficult
While hiking this trail along Doe Lake and the south shore of Big Salmon Lake you will encounter wetlands in various stages of evolvement.

Big Salmon Lake Loop – 17 km loop, 5 to 7 hours, moderate to difficult
This trail circles Big Salmon Lake.  The north side of the trail runs through a forested landscape along some century old remains of homesteads. It offers scenic views at the east end and south side of Big Salmon Lake.

Little Salmon Lake Loop – 10 km loop trail, 3 to 5 hours, moderate to difficult
Start this trail at either the west end of Big Salmon Lake or the Arab Lake parking lot. The trail runs through mature bush and the south end of Moulton Gorge valley.

Little Clear Lake Loop – 7 km loop, 4 to 5 hours, easy to moderate
Most hikers start this trail at the west end of Big Salmon Lake, adding 4 km to begin the hike. The trail circumnavigates Little Clear Lake. Hikers will encounter mature bush and the remains of 19th century buildings.

Hemlock Lake Loop – 5 km loop, 3 hours to hike the loop, plus 2 to 3 hours each way to the loop itself, easy to moderate
Normally started from the west end of Big Salmon Lake (adding 7 km to get to the start of the Hemlock Loop), the trail goes through mature deciduous trees and old abandoned farm fields.

Tetsmine Lake Loop – 10 km loop, 5 to 6 hour hike when starting at the north end. Add 3 to 4 hours each way when starting from Big Salmon Lake Road, moderate
Most hikers start this loop at the north end of the Park, accessing at Kingsford Dam. The loop is fairly rugged in a mature deciduous bush setting and crossing the north end of the Moulton Gorge. Abandoned mica mines and a few 19th century homesteads remain.

Gibson Lake Loop – 9 km loop, 5 to 6 hours plus an hour each way from the dam, moderate
This hike is often started at the north end of the Park (at Kingsford Dam) which adds 3 km each way to the hike. Walk by the Crab Lake mine and along mature forested ridges and hills and along a fen in the northeast corner of the park.

Slide Lake Loop – 21 km, 8-hour loop, plus a 1-hour hike to get to the start, difficult
This loop is the longest and most rugged loop trail in the Park. Be prepared for a very challenging hike! The trail crosses many barren rock ridges and travels through several forests in various stages of succession. You will encounter granite ridges, lookouts, ponds, and marshes while passing by Buck Lake, Slide Lake, Doe Lake, and Big Salmon Lake.

Corridor Trail – 5 km linear trail, 1.5 hours one way, moderate
This trail parallels Big Salmon Road starting at the Park Office and ending at the south shore of Big Salmon Lake.

PLEASE NOTE: Several trail loops are accessed via another trail to start. Trails are not suitable for all-terrain strollers or wheelchairs. Hiking times are approximate. You must add time to the hike depending on weather, snow, or ice conditions, as well as your physical condition. Always bring lots of water, snacks, a map, and a first aid kit. Help is not close at hand. Cell phone coverage is limited at Frontenac. No trailside fires or trailside camping is permitted.


there aren’t any dedicated biking trails for this park


There are many canoe routes and starting locations possible through Frontenac’s 22 lakes and portages. We’ve provided more information about canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding in Frontenac Provincial Park on our partner website.

Directions & Distances

Toronto (Pearson Airport):
Ottawa (International Airport):

Maps & Resources

Ontario parks have different free maps available for the park click here for more information

The Ontario Provincial Park’s Store has a wide range of maps including a waterproof version for Frontenac.

Local Facilities

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