Chinchaga Wildland Park

Long Description

Chinchaga Wildland Park is a protected 800 km2 (310 sq mi) (80,000 hectares) tract of land in the 5,000 km2 (1,900 sq mi) of the greater Chinchaga wilderness area[1] in a disjunct outlier of the Foothills Natural Region of Alberta ,[2] in a remote area of northwest Alberta, Canada, about 140 kilometres (87 mi) west of Manning. It was designated as a Wildlife Park in December 1999.[2] The greater Chinchaga area was identified in 1995 as an Environmentally Significant Area.[3] It was designated by the Alberta Government as a protected area in 2000, under the "Special Places" program.[4] "Elevations in the Park range from 650 m adjacent to the Chinchaga River to 915 m at the height of land atop Halverson Ridge."[3]

The upper course of the Chinchaga River, which forms the Park's northern border, is a provincially Environmentally Significant Area (ESA).[5] The Park extends south to the slopes of Halverson Ridge.[2] The only road that provides access is the Chinchaga Forestry Road, a high grade gravel road running west from the Mackenzie Highway.

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